St Andrews has a mixture of NHS and Private dentists.   Both offer similar services although waiting lists can sometimes be encountered with some of these.  It is worth noting that, if all you require is a regular check up every few months, it might be best to remain with your dental practitioner at home and slot in appointments with them if you are returning there in vacation time.

However, if you need an urgent appointment for something unforeseen, especially if you have toothache and are not registered with a dentist or you need to find the nearest NHS dentist, you should contact the Fife Dental Helpline on 01592 226555, Monday to Friday between 8am to 6pm. Out with these hours or at the weekend, please contact NHS 24 by dialling 111.  They will have updated information on what is available locally at that particular time for urgent enquiries.

During the hours of 8.45 and 15.00 on weekdays, and in addition to emergency appointments provided by local dentists in Fife, you can also contact The Dental Hospital, 2 Park Place, Dundee, (01382 635971). They may be able to provide emergency treatment but we would advise you to contact them directly first.

There are two dental practices in St Andrews that may take NHS patients. We advise you to contact them directly to check. Please be aware that only the cost for a NHS check up every six months are covered by the NHS. Any further treatments will be charged for.

Bupa Dental Care - 01334 473237

Smile Dental Clinic - 01334 209972

There are also private dentists available in St Andrews and these are listed below.  They may have emergency places and also provide updated checks for those seeking regular appointments and back up care including dental hygienists and orthodontist services. 

St Andrews Dental Care and Implant Clinic - 01334 473363

Gentle Dental Care - 01334 475433/475333

BUPA Dental Care St Andrews - 01334 473237